Raza Dotani

Raza Dotani is a tribal journalist from South Waziristan. 

He is the founder and editor of Aware Pakistan.

Raza Dotani as Cyber Security Trainer

Raza Dotani is a trainer in digital security and cyber safety. He trains youngsters on citizen journalism, digital safety and cyber security. 

Raza Dotani

Raza Dotani

— digital renaissance pro

A self-made entrepreneur, digital futurist, maverick blogger and freelance solutionist, — on a journey to promote digital literacy and teach self-reliance.

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— Diary / April 24, 2023
Don’t let the pain go
The pain that engulfs me each day and the scars that adorn my spirit are cherished, for they remind me of the ruthlessness of the world and the lurking serpents within humanity.
thinking fast and slow
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Thinking Fast and Slow
Delve into the complexities of human thinking and decision-making, and prepare to challenge your own assumptions.
Book: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

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The Lean Startup
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One-stop Digital Solutionist! Transforming Tech Challenges into Opportunities for Growth
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    A Self-made Entrepreneur
    Empowering businesses and entrepreneurs, with innovative solutions and forward-thinking strategies, to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
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    An Enthusiastic Freelancer
    Unleashing the power of digital transformation for businesses, I specialize in web design, social media management and digital marketing on to create your unique digital legacy.
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    Next-Gen Activist
    Uplifting communities through new media and digitization, with a vision to create impactful and sustainable change in society through the wise application of cutting-edge technology and digital resources.
  • An Entrepreneurial Journalist
    The beat of the traditional newsroom never quite resonated with me. A journalist unbound by the constraints of tradition, charting my own path, pioneering the uncharted territories of entrepreneurial journalism.